the Edisto Beach Property Owners Association

Statement of Purpose:

To incorporate property owners in Edisto Beach, South Carolina in order
to function adequately, properly and in a timely manner on any and all
matters in which we have similar or common interest. To protect our beach
and its environs, its residents and people from excessive population
density, over-development and commercialization. To have legal representation on
a retainer basis that our Association will be able to act in unison on any question
that may be controversial, illegal, or potentially damaging to our way of life.
To have an organization which will have representatives at each and every meeting
of our municipal government and in this regard to have proper input into the activities
of our town council, its boards and committees.


Membership in the EBPOA is of two types:
1) Owners of property on Edisto Beach. These members have voting rights.
and 2) Any person, regardless of property ownership, who wants to protect
Edisto Beach from over development and wants to become a member.
This type of membership does not have voting rights but has full participation
in the activities of the Association.

Dues are $30.00 per year for both types. Included in the dues are barbeque
dinner tickets for two at the annual meeting each spring.

The 2009 membership was 506 family memberships. 2010 memberships are still being renewed.
We welcome like-minded new additions to the membership, as we have seen, there is strength in numbers.


EBPOA does not support candidates for office but hosts a Candidate's Forum prior
to each election as a public service to inform the voters of Edisto Beach.

EBPOA solicits volunteers from its membership for various civic projects such
as erecting sand fencing and a recent cleanup of the Bell Property.

EBPOA has canvassed its membership on their preferences on restrictions on zoning
and building and has influenced ordinances enacting these restrictions.

EBPOA materially supported the successful campaign to reduce property taxes and to
restrict assessment increases by constitutional amendment.

Current officers:

President -  Bob Sandifer
Vice Pres. - John Morgan
Treasurer - Larry Tilby
Secretary - Lois Morgan

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